How to Do Yoga with Children

to Help Them Thrive


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Thursday Jan. 19th
4 PM Pacific Time
6 PM Central Time
7 PM Eastern Time

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    Why yoga is an effective tool to help children thrive

    It is scientifically proven that yoga is good for us. Join me and learn the 3 steps that I apply to teaching yoga to children to help them behave better, become emotionally stable, release stress and get better grades at school.

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    Three key yoga practices, plus two additional ones to quickly shift the way children feel and behave

    You don't have to do 108 yoga poses with children to get the result you want. A few effective techniques can do the trick! In this Masterclass you will learn how to structure and organize yoga practices to create educational children's yoga classes

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    When and how to use yoga practices with children to see the change you want

    You might think you don't have time in your busy schedule to do yoga with children, or maybe you think you're not qualified. Join us for this Masterclass and find out how easy it is to incorporate yoga in children's everyday life.

Irina Kazakevic

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