Yoga Break for Children™ Mastermind

Are you looking for inspiration, growth, accountability and community support in your Children's Yoga Business?


  • Continue to grow as a Children's Yoga Teacher
  • Learn the best children's yoga practices
  • Receive answers to your teaching, business, and marketing questions
  • Establish and expand your community and online presence
  • Have an experienced mentor to guide you through
  • Build a sustainable and profitable business
  • Be successful in bringing the benefits of yoga to children
  • Be a member of a supportive community

Yoga Break for Children Mastermind is for dedicated, enthusiastic, highly motivated individuals who want to be children's yoga leaders in their community, nationally, internationally and virtually.


Yoga Break for Children Mastermind is an ongoing program. You can join anytime from anywhere in the world. You need to be a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher. It's not necessary to be RCYT with Yoga Alliance, but you do need to complete a  Children's Yoga Teacher Training or be in the training at the time of joining the Mastermind.

In our Mastermind we meet monthly on Zoom and engage in various professional development activities and informal discussions. Our meetings might include, guest speakers, presentations, break-room work in small groups, hot spots sessions, working with accountability partners and other professional and personal growth-promoting activities.

We also share ideas, resources as well as our wins and struggles. When you're working on a new idea, project or trying to solve a problem, you can share it with the group and receive a collective support along with practical suggestions and action plans from the leading professionals in the children's yoga industry. 

In the Yoga Break for Children Mastermind, you have an opportunity to collaborate with other kids yoga teachers and business owners around the world and grow your business together! You also get to meet like-minded people and develop long-lasting friendships!


In the four months from September to December we will focus on supporting you in teaching children’s yoga. In most regions of the world this is the time when the school year begins. School and yoga teachers go back to teaching and new programs, terms and contracts begin. We are here to provide you with everything you might need at this time. Our monthly calls will be all about teaching children’s yoga classes, challenges, fresh ideas, class management, relationships with parents and business partners, necessary documentation and much more.


From January to March is the time when we focus on self-discovery and self-development.  You will be amazed to learn that knowing your strengths and weaknesses as well as getting clear on what you want to accomplish and how you would do it can make you much more efficient and successful in everything you’re doing and deliver results. 

In these three months you will:

  • Discover your WHYs - your Sankalpa and Mission Statement
  • Learn how to set goals, achieve them and move forward 
  • Create a revenue focus and develop a plan to achieve it
  • Figure out your greater vision for what you want to achieve and how to stay on your path


In the next three months from April to June we will focus on developing your children’s yoga business. What shape and form do you see your work evolving into? In June, we'll look back at all kids yoga work you've done up to this point. How did you do? Did you meet your goals? What else needs to be done? How can it be done to get the results you want? These reflection stops on your professional and business path are very informative, they help you to get clear on your next steps.


In these two months from July to August, we will focus on preparing you children's yoga business for the school year. We'll take these time to set everything in place for a successful start in September. We will be brainstorming topics such as how to talk to your prospective partners, school administrators, studio owners, parents, etc. We will review the fundamentals of advertising and marketing and expend and up-level our practices. We also will  dive into online kids yoga teaching, creating various programs and physical and digital products.

Please note that the above topics are a suggested outline of all the yearly meetings. As we go along, we can always change the theme of each monthly meeting and address the pressing issues, burning questions and hot topics selected by a community. Our meetings are flexible and members directed. You, as a member, will be able to suggest and vote on what we're working on. This way we insure that our meetings are relevant and helpful for our members!

If you’re thinking about starting or expanding your children’s yoga teaching or business, joining us! In the program we have an amazing blend of certified yoga teachers, teachers in training and those who are running successful businesses already. Whether you are an experienced children’s yoga teacher or just starting, you will benefit greatly from our Mastermind’s collective wisdom and supportive community.


When you join Yoga Break for Children Mastermind you will:

  • Participate in 12 monthly video calls year round to grow your business
  • Meet Children's Yoga Professionals from around the globe and become friends
  • Join our secret Facebook Mastermind group
  • Be able to collaborate with Children's Yoga Teachers around the world
  • Learn from the best in children's yoga industry and grow your connections and network
  • Get new ideas and how to implement them to improve your teaching and business skills
  • Grow personally and professionally to become a leader in your field
  • Become successful in bringing the benefits of yoga to children and improving their well-being.
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